About Body & Soul Clothing

Back in 1996 a young Australian fashion savvy woman Melissa planted a seed in the mesmerizing island of Bali by opening a clothing store called Body & Soul.The store delighted and entranced the young people who both lived and traveled to Bali, and shopped while there. The brand invoked some of our culture’s favorite values - those of femininity, freedom, courage, and spirit.

Desire and demand was almost immediate, and to meet this overwhelming response, Melissa decided to expand the brand to the rest of Indonesia. More shops opened in Bali and across the many islands of Java. Body & Soul quickly became Indonesia’s must-have sexy, sophisticated fashion brand.

Over the years the label has evolved into a more mature and contemporary brand. This allowed twenty-something women to appreciate the lines of clothing that catered to their intelligence, creativity and individuality, while maintaining its top quality and affordability.

Body and Soul launches the Summer 2013 with newness and unique collection. The concept is to make our customer dress up with elegance and yet be playful who is otherwise a confident career woman , a home maker and a serious entrepreneur.
With this collection, we want to bring a new breeze of playfulness this summer . It suits not only the young but also luxury woman. Character of the clothes is playful yet noble.

The new collection includes an impressive list of current trends of the season ,elements of retro and classic, rich solid primary colors , summer shades, black and white contrasts, geometric, animal, floral and paisley prints are in fashion. A lot of attention to the printed fabrics, which perfectly combine laconic lines of cut and bright print, thus creating a playful and elegant image.

The collection brings the runway inspired, all day long summer dresses , getaway maxi’s, casual coordinates of tops and bottoms , eloquent work wear using flowey breathable rayon , poly blend and poly silk fabrics.

Selection of accessories in this collection is fully consistent with diversity and design of the clothing ; bracelets, necklaces, scarves, clutches etc .A wide range of colors, bright prints and design in the style of color blocks was used to create them.

Be Playful in experimenting your wardrobe this Summer.